19 12 2006

I’ve held back from starting a blog for a long time, and in general have kept a very low profile on the internet. Partly it’s been lack of time, and partly because the precise nature of my current project needs to be kept hush-hush secret for the time being. Without being able to write about any project-specific stuff, there hasn’t seemed much point adding to the mass of blogs already out there, and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to read mine.

But I’m starting to want somewhere to just express things and to note my own findings, and I guess every now and then someone might find an answer to something amongst such notes. My project has also reached the stage where I’m at liberty to at least reveal that it involves a detailed interpretation of the Servlet API based on its Javadoc, so I can start to blog about that. Then there are always specific Java-related technicalities that seem worth noting (and like all good nerds I’ve plenty of opinions to dispense).

So it’s time to bite the bullet and start blogging, just like everyone else. I’ll try not to post trivial, obvious, duplicate or otherwise pointless or noisy stuff, but can’t promise anything. There might be the odd “bile” post as well, when things get really bad, but I’ll try to make it clear when I’m just letting off steam!



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