Haven’t found my voice yet…

6 01 2007

This blogging stuff is proving harder than I thought.

It ought to be so easy, but I don’t think I’ve yet found the right “voice” for this blog, and probably also haven’t yet found the right host for it. The experience has increased my respect for all those people that somehow manage to regularly produce readable, interesting and entertaining posts.

I’d like to think I’ve always been ok at face-to-face communication, mentoring and so forth, and at writing formal reports and documents. But trying to write blog entries is just leaving me struggling at the moment. I think I’m finding it hard to judge who the audience might be, and therefore how much background I need to explain for anything technical or that’s only relevant for my own particular way of doing something. Reading my last two blog entries, they seem far too dry and verbose. More to the point, they just don’t “sound” like me at all.

Hopefully this will improve with time and practice, but in the meantime I guess the style of writing for this blog might veer around wildly before settling down into something I’m actually happy with!

I’m also rather under-impressed with the blogging service I’m using (I’ll leave you to figure out what it is..). No real complaints about the service itself, it just doesn’t seem to have any styles/templates that I like. Before starting this blog, I did a quick trial on several different blogging services and software packages. There didn’t seem much to choose between them, apart from some fairly minor pros and cons, and I went with what seemed the most suitable. But now that I’ve put up some real content, I’m rather unhappy with the choice of styles available. There are plenty to choose from, but they all seem either rather ugly, or good-looking but with hard-to-read text, or don’t cope with code examples very well. Inevitably, some of the options that would be useful to me are only available on styles that I really hate the look of, whilst the best looking styles don’t support the options that I want.

I guess I could roll-up my sleeves and write my own CSS, and take whatever upgrade or subscription is necessary to do that, but I don’t want to spend time on this and I’m pretty hopeless at graphic design anyway.

So I might stick with this service for now, but I’ll probably reconsider it as I go along. Maybe try something like Simon Brown’s Pebble running on my own server. At least I decided to get a separate domain name for this blog, which ought to make moving it relatively painless.



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