OpenBrace Limited

OpenBrace Has Closed Down

OpenBrace Limited has ceased trading, closed down, and no longer exists.

This page replaces the company’s previous website and discussion forums (with all URLs for those websites redirected to this page).

Existing ObMimic Users

The closing down of OpenBrace and its website should have no effect on existing copies of ObMimic.

Existing copies of ObMimic will continue to work as before, and the same applies to any ObMimic licence-key files for the “Professional” and “Enterprise” editions of ObMimic or issued for evaluation purposes.

ObMimic Downloads

ObMimic is no longer supported or maintained, but if you wish to you can still download the “Community Edition” of ObMimic and a licence-key file to enable the use of its “Professional Edition” features:

Note that:

  • The ObMimic download includes documentation on how to install and use ObMimic. As a starting point, see the README.html file within ObMimic’s root directory (which provides links to the rest of ObMimic’s documentation).
  • The current version of ObMimic is 1.3.000.
  • The licence-key file provided above is non-expiring.

Archived Website

Each download of ObMimic includes a full copy of its documentation, so there should be no need for the previous content of the OpenBrace website.

However, if you do need to see the previous content of the OpenBrace website’s pages you should be able to obtain these via the Wayback Machine website, which as of November 2017 includes snapshot copies of many or all of the OpenBrace website’s contents as at various previous points in time, under its root home-page URL of ”“ (though some of these may not reflect the final state of the website’s individual pages).

The contents of OpenBrace’s discussion forums are not archived anywhere, but in practice these forums were barely used and contained no significant content other than OpenBrace’s own announcements of ObMimic releases.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

All of OpenBrace’s intellectual property and copyright have been transferred to Michael Kaufman, the owner and operator of this “ClosingBraces” blog and ObMimic’s original developer. Any and all artifacts marked as being copyright of OpenBrace Limited are now copyright Michael Kaufman.


For anything related to OpenBrace or ObMimic please either email me or use this blog’s Contact Me page.